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Design bulletins and email them to all your clients


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Clever Elements is a 100% online bulletin editor that lets you combine the information you want to send to your clients or contacts with a nice design, without having to install anything. After registering, you can access the design section, where you'll find many different templates to customize as desired. Click on the different items to change their content, whether it's images or text.

Clever Elements obviously lets you save the changes you make and preview the design, but it's also capable of sending an email with a preview version to the people in charge of testing the bulletins and sending them to clients. Its very intuitive interface will make it really easy for you to follow the necessary steps to create the publication. No need to get lost among thousands of options; with this application, you'll always have the categories you need right at hand.

Thanks to this online software, the design factor will never again be a problem and your bulletins will be more effective than ever.

Free 30-day trial version.